Laila Pharmaceuticals was established with the objective of developing new therapeutic solutions from potent natural molecules – ‘phytopharmaceuticals’.

Laila Pharma is a company recognized for its pioneering work in integrating modern science and phytopharmaceuticals for the development of safe, potent & novel bioactive leads from botanicals.

With over 38 years of expertise in the Nutraceutical industry, Laila employs modern techniques to standardise the phytochemicals and principal ingredients to study various novel therapeutic applications.

As the largest exporter of botanical extracts from India, Laila is the preferred partner in over 25 countries worldwide.


Laila, in collaboration with CMG, has made available CurQlife in liquid and powder forms for immediate distribution for nutraceutical formulations in Australian Market


Following many years of scientific research & development into this unique product, CurQlife comes to the market with the scientific and technical support of a complete Drug Master File.

Fully backed by clinical trials CurQlife represents the latest & the best-in-class water-soluble highly bioavailable curcuminoids.

With a unique blend of excipients based on the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance, which leads to greatly improved pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profile.

In contact with water CurQlife forms an emulsion, giving rise to small single layered micellar structures encapsulating curcuminoids at the core.

Improved solubility, greater stability and enhanced pharmacokinetics are key attributes of CurQlife.

CurQlife offers a 48-fold increase in free curcumin in blood as against unformulated curcuminoids.

Laila is extending the science behind CurQlife with an extensive study in Osteoarthritic subjects to further substantiate its superior efficacy in alleviating this debilitating condition.

A new approach with an existing well researched safe phytochemical, CurQlife is the way ahead for an effective solution to Osteoarthritis.


A clearly superior, stable, highly bioavailable proven product

For access to the science behind CurQlife, including the open part of the DMF and the extensive bioavailability clinical trial and supporting technical detail, please contact Glenn Whitney at CMG.