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Craig Fallshaw grew up on the Nothern Beaches and recently put his passion of photography and love for the beach together to create 33 Degrees South.This website is a collection of photos, many of them taken at latitude 33 degrees 17 mins south…Dee why Beach, Sydney Australia. 

There are lots of photos from other parts of Sydney,Australia and people and places from his adventures around the world. Feel free to browse through the galleries.

Please be aware that due to the settings and chromatic aberration of the different monitors some images may appear darker or lighter than the original image.

All digital mastering and archival fine art prints produced by Digital Masters Australia under the close direction of the photographer

All images are colour balanced and checked before printing
All images copyright 33 degrees South 2006


All images on 33 Degrees South were produced using Fuji Film Velvia 100 professional transparency film.

All images are available for purchase

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